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No Job Interview Calls in Canada?

Maybe you don’t know how Canadian Resume Robots are beating your job applications. Beat the Canadian Resume Robots!

Get Job Interview Calls Now!

Increase your chances to get job interview calls in Canada using these 3 simple steps.

Paste Your Resume

Paste your resume in our Canadian Applicant Tracking System

Paste Your Job Posting

Paste the job posting for which you like to optimize your resume

Prepare to get 100% score

Paste the job posting for which you like to optimize your resume

Why Use This Tool?

It focuses on Canadian keywords that recruiters like to see in job applications.

Canadian Job Seekers

Resume keywords optimization tool designed for Canadian job seekers

Canadian Action Words

Resumes are scored based on action words used by Canadian recruiters

Canadian Soft Skills

Scoring focuses more on Canadian soft skills and cultural factors than hard skills

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

When you scan your resume against a job posting using the Resume Optimization tool at CompareMyResume, your scan results are full of valuable insights.

Optimization Score

Overall percentage of your resume matching and optimization score


Missing Key Action Verbs

List of must use action verbs to improve your resume optimization score


Missing Critical Keywords

List of critical keywords and hard skills to beat the resume robots


Canadian NOC Duties

Typical job responsibilities according to National Occupational Classification


Canadian NOC Requirements

Role specific job requirements according to National Occupational Classification

Canadian NOC Job Titles

Similar job titles for you according to National Occupational Classification

Canadian Payscale Insights

Average low, medium and high range of payscale for your job title


Canadian Competency Matching

Your score summary for each core competency required in your job


Canadian Softskills Matching

Score summary of all core soft skills required in your job


Competition with Fresh Graduates

Projections and estimates of your competition with school leavers

Competition with New Immigrants

Projections and estimates of your competition with new immigrants

Annual Occupation Projections

Annual employment projections and annual retirement projections

Did You Know Even This?


Job seekers are eliminated at the initial resume screening


Resumes are not even seen by most recruiters


Top notch employers use Applicant Tracking Systems for initial screening

What! Still Not Convinced?

If you are still not convinced, read these testimonials from our customers.

Everyone suggested focusing on the hard skills because of the Applicant Tracking Systems. In Canada, more than hard skills, Canadian recruiters look for soft skills through the use of key action words used in Canada. CompareMyResume helped me shape my job search in Canada.

John D.

Human Resources

I am glad I found this great tool. This is a must-use tool if you are searching for a job particularly in Canada. I like how it focuses on Canadian soft skills and keywords. I would most definitely recommend this resume keywords optimization service to anyone looking for jobs in Canada.

Enamuel Bikrial


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