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Resume Optimization
for Canadian Jobseekers
Are Not Getting Enough Job Interview Calls in Canada?
You have just sent out your 100th job application in Canada with the hope that this time, you’ll get called. What do you think will happen if you did the same thing you did with the other 99 applications?

Optimize Your Resume in 3 Simple Steps:


Paste Your Resume

Or Upload Your Resume in Our Canadian Applicant Tracking System (ATS)


Paste Your Job Posting

Paste the Job Posting for which you like to optimize your resume


Beat The ATS

Use A.I. suggested keywords to get up to 99.9% resume matching scores

You could already have been at a job interview in Canada. It is time to change your job search strategy that is evidently not working for you.
Beat The Canadian Resume Robots Now!
Only 1 in about 50 applicants gets called for an interview. That’s a tough reality and a pretty scary one. Most of those times, your resume wasn’t even read by humans. But not to worry, it’s not too late to set things right.
You’re In A Good Company

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The Only Tool You Will Ever Need

With every scan, you will get customized insights on your resume optimization score against the job posting and tailored recommendations to instantly increase your optimization score.


Overall Resume Matching Score

An overall resume optimization score for your targetted job posting.

Action verbs are important to Canadian recruiters. It shows your cultural fit, Based on your resume and job posting, you will get a list of missing action verbs that you can use in your resume to clearly communicate your skills and experience.

Missing Canadian Action Verbs

A list of must-use action verbs to improve your overall resume optimization score.

Based on your resume and job posting, our AI-based algorithm will give you an overall resume optimization score as well as a detailed list of all changes you should make in your resume to get up to a 99.9% Matching Score.

Other Matching Job Titles

A list of other recommended job titles based on your resume and the National Occupational Classification.

There are high chances that your resume and skills already qualify for several job titles that you aren’t even searching for in job portals. For example, a Finance Manager can also qualify for a Finance Business Partner role, an HR Manager Manager can also qualify for a People and Culture Leader role, and a Financial Analyst can also qualify for Investment Analyst, Trust Officer, Portfolio Manager, and Financial Advisor role.

Our AI-based algorithm will scan your resume and produce a list of relevant job titles based on your occupation.


Competency Matching Score

Summary and chart of five years annual employment and retirement projections in your profession.

Make informed long-term and short-term career decisions using that data that is provided by the Government of Canada. Our algorithm will educate you about how many new jobs will be created in your occupation as well as the projected rate of a planned retirement in five years.

Competition with New Immigrants

A 5-years projection of your competition with new Canadian immigrants based on your occupation.

Job portals only tell you how many people applied for a job but it wouldn’t tell you that how many among them are new Canadian immigrants. Based on your occupation, our algorithm will provide a five years projection of your competition with immigrants.

Competency Matching Scores

A percentage of competency matching for each core competency required in your targetted job.

In addition to providing you an overall resume optimization score, our AI-based algorithm will also provide you a breakup of your competency matching in areas like Leadership, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Communication, and more.

Missing Other Critical Keywords

A list of all other critical keywords, in addition to action verbs, missing in your resume in contrast with the job posting.

Hard skills are as important as soft skills. Based on your resume and job posting, our AI-based algorithm will provide you a list of missing critical keywords and hard skills that you can use in your resume.

Canadian Payscale Insights

An estimate of payscale in Canadian dollars based on your occupation separated by each Province.

Based on your occupation and experience, our algorithm will produce a table of Canadian payscale insights for you separated by each Provice. When you get a job interview call, you already know an average of low, mid, and high range salaries in your occupation.

Canadian NOC. Duties

Details of minimum legal job qualifications, job requirements, and job duties suggested by the Government of Canada.

Get full visibility to minimum qualifications and job duties required for each occupation in Canada. The government of Canada has established National Occupational Classification Code (NOC). Our algorithm will give you visibility to what qualifications are legally required for various jobs in Canada.

Competition with Fresh Graduates

A 5-years projection of your competition with fresh Canadian graduates based on your occupation.

Five years projections of your competition with fresh Canadian graduates based on your occupation. You can use this data to make informed decisions about your long-term and short-term career decisions.
Did You Know This?

Be in the pool of 2% of applicants that are selected in the initial resume screening. Don’t be in the pool of 98% of applicants.


Job seekers are eliminated at the initial resume screening


Resumes are not even seen by most recruiters


Top notch employers use Applicant Tracking Systems for initial screening

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