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2 reasons you’re not getting interview calls in Canada

So you have done everything right. You’ve researched the company and the position, crafted your resume, looked it over a dozen times for errors and sent it out on time. Still, you hear nothing- no calls, no emails. Days turn to weeks, and so many thoughts flood your mind; did they not get your application? Why haven’t they responded? You’re the best person for the job. Sometimes, all you hear is deafening silence that brings about a rush of anxiety. Other times, you get the “Thank You… Sorry” email.

So what are you doing wrong? There are two likely reasons you’re not getting interview calls. And I’ll share them with you.


You’re not paying attention to application instructions

How do you expect an employer to trust you with a job when you can’t even follow simple instructions to get it in the first place? Every job opening comes with instructions on the job board. It is not enough to have a neatly written resume without spelling or grammatical errors. You must also ensure that your application follows the stipulated instructions as given by the employer. In fact, it is the best way to get your application thrown out.

If people can’t follow application instructions, how can they be trusted to follow instructions when they are onsite with these firms at events?


Application is not tailored to the job description

This is another major turn off for recruiters. If a job description is demanding for specific skills and your application (resumé and cover letter) do not show those skills, you are likely not to get called for an interview. Companies get a lot of applications daily. But they do not have the hands to handle these hundreds of applications. So don’t expect anyone to pay too much attention to an application that is not properly tailored to the position.

First of all, you need to be clear about what position you’re applying to. Then ensure your resume and cover letter properly speak to that position. This is possible when you have the right skills and experience for the job. So I often tell people, once you’re sure you’ve got what it takes, go for it. Be specific, be concise and be clear.


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