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4 Simple steps to get a job in Canada

Getting a job in Canada can be a real hurdle, especially when you’re doing the wrong thing over and over. The worst feeling is not getting interview calls at all even after sending out hundreds of applications. That can be a real drag because you don’t get feedback and you don’t know why. Well, not to worry! In this post, I have put together 4 steps you need to take to get a job in Canada. Let’s get started.


1. Meet the Criteria in the Job Posting:

Some people simply send out applications just for the sake of it, hoping for a miracle. Well, miracles are great. We all want a miracle at some point in our lives. But let’s be realistic; if you were an employer, would you hire someone who didn’t meet the requirements? Do you have the required skills as stipulated on the job board? Are your qualifications and experience in tandem with what the job post says? It’s easy to blame everyone else but ourselves in these situations.

But if you do have any skills, experience or qualification similar to what was indicated, do well to spell it out that way.


2. Personal Recommendations are good, but not enough:

It is great to be recommended for a job. In fact, many people get employed that way. But sometimes, recommendations just do not come around. Other times, they just don’t cut it. It is important that you seek other alternatives like online sources such as LinkedIn, Workopolis and These online tools also give you the opportunity to apply directly to organisations that need your specific skill sets and experience.

LinkedIn is one of the largest networks for professionals and would-be professionals. It’s also a great way to meet and interact with employers. Workopolis and are two sites dedicated to Canadian applicants. They provide hundreds of openings within the Canadian job market weekly.


3. Networking is Key:

Networking can be a very useful tool as well. I don’t mean that you should become a creep and stalk recruiters everywhere. No. When you do get the chance or meet them in the right environment like or, you should seize it. Networking gives you the opportunity to meet people up close, including recruiters. You may not always get the job through networking, but you certainly need the contacts.


4. Optimize your resume for Canadian Keywords:

Many of the applications you’ve sent out in the past were actually not seen by human eyes. Employers use robots called Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to select resumes that best suit the job based on specific keywords. To get through the bots, you must beat the ATS. To do this, ensure you use the appropriate keywords as they appear on the job post. Do this creatively and intelligently and not in some copy-and-paste way.

Also, ensure you run your resume through a Canadian Applicant Tracking System for optimization. Do this repeatedly until you get a high (at least 95% match) score on the ATS.

Remember! It is not about how many applications you send out, it is about doing the right thing with the one you’re sending. Just take these 4 simple steps and watch the employers come calling.

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