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5 Facts about Canadian Applicant Tracking Systems

I know you must’ve heard about Applicant Tracking Systems; those annoying robots that Canadian employers use to separate strong applications from the weak ones. If you’re a Canadian job seeker, there is a good chance that all the companies you’re sending out applications to, use Canadian Applicant Tracking Systems. But why are these systems so popular among Canadian employers?

Here are 5 interesting facts you should know about Canadian Applicant Tracking Systems;


1. Most Canadian organizations use ATS:

More than 90% of all large organisations globally use an Applicant Tracking System. In fact, more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies use these systems, and 75% of all recruiters use one ATS or the other in their recruiting processes.


2. Using Applicant Tracking Systems saves cost and time for Canadian employers

It’s simple logic really. Give a human 400 resumes to assess and it might take her two days. A resume robot (ATS) will scan that same number of resumes in minutes, and then reduce the number drastically for the human resource officer. So instead of reviewing over 400 applications, the personnel is left with less than 30. This process not only saves time but cost as well. Imagine how much money would’ve been spent on man hours weekly for reviewing applications. Only a fraction of that amount is spent on the Tracking system.


3. Soft skills are prioritized

For Canadian employers, soft skills are more important; attitude, attributes, people skills, work ethics, and so on. So Canadian ATS are designed to look out for these skills. Therefore, you must include them in your resume in a way that provides the keywords the system will be scanning for. Also ensure to include the skills in a visible position on your resume.


4. Specific Skills application do better on Canadian ATS

It is not enough to simply say “I have good verbal and non-verbal communication skills”. It is important to go beyond that to say how these skills have been applied in the past. Have they helped you perform better in a team at a previous job? Have you led a team in the past where your verbal and non-verbal skills helped you do better? How does it help the current role you’re applying to? Provide the keywords, but not just “word-for-word”.


5. Don’t try to con a Canadian Applicant Tracking System

Avoid filling up your resume with repeated or highlighted keywords. Even if you get through the ATS, how will such a resume fare in the hands of an employer? What you should do is take those keywords from the job description and apply them intelligently in a way that matches your skills and qualifications. Do not use word-for-word. Take those words and use them meaningfully on your resume. That is the way to go.

I hope these five facts have broadened your understanding of the ATS and how you can use it to your advantage. You can leave feedback in the comment section. All the best with your next application.

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