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How to beat the Canadian Resume Robots

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably in the market searching for that great Canadian job that will finally make everything complete. You’ve come to the right place. Perhaps, you just stumbled on this? Well… what can I say? A great career in Canada sure seems like a good life. But in the world we live in, robots are running every industry today. So if it’s a job you need in Canada, you must have good knowledge of what is called a Canadian Applicant Tracking System (CATS).

Have you ever noticed that every time you apply for a job, you receive an automated message acknowledging your application and thanking you for applying for the position? Moments later, and you either get an interview invite or a rejection. All of the communication up until this point is handled by the Applicant Tracking System. Sending an invitation for an interview or a rejection is determined by how well the resume matches the keywords, required education, position required and experience as listed on the job ad.

The Canadian Applicant Tracking System works like a resume robot; to see if your resume is keyword compliant and if it contains the right information for the job. Those robots are ruthless; they take out almost 75% of all resumes sent in for a particular position. What this means is that only about a quarter of all resumes sent to a company are actually seen by human eyes. If you must get that job, the first hurdle to defeat is the Canadian resume robot.


Here’s how to do it…

As a Canadian job applicant, it is important to be a step ahead of the recruiter. If the recruiter is going to subject your resume to a tracking robot, why not do so yourself? It’s like doing a mock test before an exam. This process is called Resume Optimization. A Canadian employer is most likely to deploy a Canadian Applicant Tracking System. That is what you should use to Optimize your resume.

Log on to a trusted Canadian Applicant Tracking System platform (website), upload your resume and scan it along with the job posting. Within seconds, the system will reveal how relevant your resume is to that particular job. The goal is to attain a 95% matching score to stand any chance. If your resume falls short of this target, the system is likely to tell you where it falls short. So you have a chance to Optimize your resume based on the results of the scan.

It is important to note that this is a continuous process. Every job opening has its own peculiarities. This means each position has its own relevant keywords that the ATS looks out for. So for every job that you wish to apply for, ensure to scan the resume on a trusted Canadian Applicant Tracking System. This is the only way to beat the resume Robots that the employers will deploy. Chances are they are the same type you’re using to Optimize your resume.


Other Factors for beating Canadian Resume Robots

If your resume doesn’t do well on the CATS scan, these are areas you may need to work on;

  • Adjust the formatting; take away headers and footers, or avoid placing important information in them.
  • Give priority to qualifications; ensure to put them on a good spot on your resume for the ATS and the human recruiter to identify clearly.
  • Soft Skills are more important to Canadian employers. Ensure your soft skills are well stated, strategically positioned and written to match the keywords on the job description.
  • Other skills like Hard Skills are also important and should be optimized for keywords.

Remember! The aim is to score at least a 95% matching score on the Canadian ATS. That should give you a good chance at the job you’re applying for. Continue to adjust and Optimize your resume until you attain that score. That is the sure way to beat the Canadian resume Robots.

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