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3 simple ways to get a job offer before you land in Canada?

Sounds cheesy right? What if I told you it’s possible? There are thousands of testimonies of people who got jobs in Canada before they ever stepped foot in the country. Whether it’s through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) or any other class of visa, there are limitless opportunities in Canada that you can take advantage of. But first things first, how do you get the job? There are three major outlines I will be telling you about.


Get a Canadian-styled Resume

If you’re applying to a Canadian organization from your country, you must forget everything you think you know about recruitment and relearn. It starts with your resume. It must be Canadian-styled. A chronological or Hybrid format is preferred in Canada. But it goes beyond that. Soft skills are more important than hard skills to Canadian employers. Understand the language you must use, how information is arranged and what is generally required in a Canadian-styled resume.



Another important thing you must do is to link up with the right people and organizations. LinkedIn is a very good platform for networking with professionals. Ensure you’re connecting with the right people and pages. This can greatly give you an edge. Your Canadian-styled resume must also be updated on your LinkedIn page for executives and potential employers to see.


Optimize Your Resume

Your resume is about the first contact the employer will have with you. So you must do everything you can to make sure it gets to her. The best way to do this is to beat the resume robot by optimizing it using a Canadian Applicant Tracking System. There are a number of ATSs out there, but if you don’t use a system built for Canadian jobs, you may not make the cut. Use the Canadian ATS to Optimize your resume for relevant keywords and other details. Ensure you pass it through the system before submitting your application. Your target should be a 100% matching score if you truly want to get the job.


Get Job Interview Calls Now!

Increase your chances to get job interview calls in Canada using 3 simple steps.

Paste Your Resume

Paste your resume in our Canadian Applicant Tracking System

Paste Your Job Posting

Paste the job posting for which you like to optimize your resume

Prepare to get 100% score

Paste the job posting for which you like to optimize your resume

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