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How to use social media to find a job in Canada?

A lot of applicants think social media is just what it is- a place to connect with family and friends and, sometimes, just express yourself in ways you’d usually not. All that is fine, but if a recruiter did a quick Instagram or Facebook search with your name, what would they find? Lewd pictures? videos of you partying hard with a marijuana stick between your fingers? or some controversial political statement? Social media does matter.

Here are a few tips on how to use social media to find a job in Canada.


Audit your social media;

Delete items that do not portray you in good light, or simply put them in “private access”. Another thing you can do is create a separate professional social media account.


Use your professional name;

If a recruiter does a search with the name on your resume, will they find you? Some people do not do less serious social media, but you should be found on LinkedIn.


Don’t hide your personality;

As much as you want to be professional, you’re also human with interests and passions. Recruiters will want to see that on your social media.


Brand your social media;

Find out what you care about and build your social media around them. What hashtags do you follow and what professionals do you engage with? What are your professional interests? You should post contents that reflect that brand.


Be specific;

Be intentional about who you are and focus on that. It’s okay to be interested in other things, but when I go through your profile or page, can I tell you’re an HR person? Does your expertise show? What are your biggest strengths? How about the skills do you have the most? These details should be clear and concise.


Follow careers hashtags and accounts;

Again, be intentional. Find careers accounts related to your field and keep tabs on them for job opportunities. Companies often post openings on their social media pages. You can also search for available jobs in your industry using hashtags.


Do your research;

Use social media to research companies you have an interest in. You’d be amazed how much you can find on social media. This will help you prepare your application better.


Build a network;

An average company gets 30% of its hires through referrals, according to experts. So even though it sucks and is embarrassing, it gets the job done, or more aptly, gets the job.

If there’s anything you’ve learned from this post, it is that you can do more with social media. So go ahead and make that dream happen.


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