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Should You Write a Cover Letter for Canadian Job Applications?

Cover Letter, eh!

Why go to war with just a sword when you can take an assault rifle along? It’s the same thing here. A job opening is a battle, so you must be adequately armed to win it. Your resume is just one weapon, but it may take more than that to clinch that job. A Cover Letter is another fantastic tool you can use to secure an interview. Within a matter of seconds, your cover letter should be able to convince the recruiter that he needs to have a 30-minute chat with you.

I often tell people; a fantastic resume is great, but a Cover letter gives it an edge. Rules and structure often apply to a resume but a Cover Letter is your chance to express yourself and say the things you couldn’t in your resume. So unless the job posting states otherwise, you should write a Cover letter for each job application.

Why write a Cover Letter for your Canadian job application?

There are so many things that a Canadian recruiter can’t tell just by looking at your resume. Your resume states that you have great communication and research abilities.

Your Cover Letter is a good place to demonstrate that. Some creative writing won’t hurt, while also showcasing how much you know about the company and the job. You can also reveal your personality type, interest level, attention to detail and so much more.

You don’t have to put all of these into one letter. You can use them alternatively for subsequent applications as well. In essence, a Cover Letter is written to help you secure an interview.

Think about it. You must therefore show your uniqueness and why you’re the best candidate for the job. After all, there are perhaps hundreds of individuals applying to the same position. Your Cover Letter stands you out.

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