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The Do’S and Don’ts of an Online Job Search

For most people, searching for openings and applying for jobs online have become a daily routine. It doesn’t really matter how many applications you send out daily; if you’re not doing it right, you just won’t get the job. So the next time you send out an application, ensure you have triple checked that it’ll get you nothing short of an interview. If you’re reading this post, you’re in the right place. I’ll show you how to do it.

The first rule I’ll give is that you don’t send any resume that has not been optimized with a Canadian Applicant Tracking System. That’s a counterproductive thing to do. But before that, you must have a well-written resume in place. So what should you have in mind when writing your resume?

There are simple steps to follow;

  • Ensure that your resume is in the appropriate format (chronological or hybrid).
  • Include all the necessary details; name and contact details, career history, soft skills and hard skills, education, career highlights section, and accomplishments at previous jobs.
  • Use Action Verbs to write Career highlights and accomplishments.
  • Place emphasis on soft skills, instead of hard skills.
  • Keep the resume short and simple, not more than two pages.
  • Include keywords from the job description.
  • Use highlights to distinguish Sections.

Once you get your resume sorted out, the next step is to Optimize it with a Canadian Applicant Tracking System (CATS). Using a regular tracking system may not work, because it may not be consistent with the attributes of a Canadian system. In case you’re wondering, a Canadian Applicant Tracking System is a software that acts as a recruiting robot for scanning applications in order to select those that rank high in matching the job description.

In your online job search, you should use a CATS because it is tailored for Canadian recruiters. For example, Canadian employers are more interested in soft skills and only a Canadian tracking system will be programmed to prioritize soft skills.


Do’s and Don’ts when applying online

  • Ensure you run your resume by the system to Optimize it for the necessary keywords. This is done by scanning it along with the job description.
  • Canadian Applicant Tracking Systems are available for use online. Ensure to pick a valid system.
  • Check for a 95% matching score. If you do not get this score, effect the adjustments based on results from the scan.
  • Do not send out your resume unless you have achieved at least 95% matching score.


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