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You have 7 Seconds to Impress a Canadian Recruiter

Ever wondered why you’ve never been invited for an interview? I’ll tell you why- You save the best for last. That might work for every other thing, but not your resume, and certainly not your job application. Truth is, Canadian employers can’t afford the man hours of recruiters, so other methods are adopted to reduce, as much as possible, how much time recruiters spend on applications.

On average, Canadian recruiters spend 7 seconds perusing your resume. What this means is that you have only 7 seconds to impress the recruiter with your resume. You must make all necessary information as glaring as possible. Start with the most important details. You have only 7 seconds to make a lasting impression.


How to Impress a Canadian Recruiter in 7 Seconds

  • Use past tense to articulate your career highlights section; and ensure you clearly describe all your accomplishments from previous employment as they relate to the job you’re applying for.
  • Use numbers and percentages where necessary. If you recorded record-breaking sales at your last job, show the figures. If sales rose by a certain percentage due to your efforts, state it clearly. Numbers tend to attract the attention of recruiters, and this will make them read that part of your resume.
  • Place emphasis on Soft Skills. Canadian employers focus more on soft skills, because those are hard to get. If you didn’t have the hard skills, you won’t be in the labour market in the first place. So the emphasis should be on soft skills, because that is what sells you.
  • Another way to impress a Canadian recruiter in seven seconds is to use Action Verbs to enforce keywords that pertain to that particular job posting. Canadian companies will programme their Applicant Tracking Systems to seek out those keywords, so you must include them as directly as possible.
  • The Canadian labour market is like a rat race; everyone wants to get in. You must do all you can to stay ahead of other applicants. One way to do that is to try and beat the resume Robots that recruiters deploy. To do this, you must scan your resume alongside the job description on a Canadian Applicant Tracking System to see how well they match. Do NOT submit until you have scored a minimum of 95% match.
  • Do not hide important details like your career history, career highlights, soft skills, hard skills or education in the midst of fillers. Those important information should stand out.

This 7-second window may just happen to be the most crucial point in your career aspiration. It can make or mar your dreams for a great career. So you must seize the opportunity and give it your best shot. It may be your one-time chance; make it count.


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