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Libraries should grant their members access to a Canadian Applicant Tracking System

Job seekers need every help they can get. It’s a tough world there; survival of the fittest and many people have to wait several years and apply to hundreds of jobs before they finally land one. But it doesn’t have to be so. People need to understand that, as the world evolves, so does the employment market. Applicant Tracking Systems are fast taking over the recruitment process and job seekers need to know this. In Canada, to land an interview with most of the big companies, you must beat the Canadian Applicant Tracking System (CATS).

For many job seekers in Canada, and many more looking to land Canadian jobs, the library is a crucial place to get resources that can help with that search. Many libraries also have computers that job seekers can use to search for openings and do basic research on the companies and the positions. Unfortunately, they do not provide access to Canadian Applicant Tracking Systems. This is one resource that can change a job seeker’s story for good. The CATS will help them understand what they are up against and how to beat it.

There are several CATS software out there, but a quick research will show which ones are more popular among Canadian employers. If you provide a CATS in a public library, jobseekers will be able to Optimize their resumé in a way that it becomes compliant with positions they apply for. Libraries should begin to look beyond books and mundane resources that help with job search, and evolve to meet up with modern recruitment realities.

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