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Settlement Agencies should provide their clients access to a Canadian Applicant Tracking System

For thousands of immigrants coming into Canada yearly, Settlement agencies have to help them get a job. This includes teaching them how to write a resume, how to network with the right people and a general understanding of the Canadian job market. Despite this service, many of these immigrants end up spending months without so much as a call or email from a potential employer. This is due to a missing link. It’s like fixing the body of a car and attempting to drive it without gas. That missing ingredient is the Canadian Applicant Tracking System.

This should come in two forms. There are those immigrants who are already used to the ATSs in their home countries. But there are also those who have never encountered an ATS. In this regard, the settlement agency should provide access to Canadian Applicant Tracking System to teach them what it’s like and how it works. The agency should also show these immigrants how to Optimize their resume using the CATS. This will help them know how to structure their resume , and list out their experience and skills with attention to keywords.

Another important information for these individuals is that Canadian Applicant Tracking System teaches them how to better include transparency skills onto their resume . It also means International applicants must know to state the country(ies) of education and any other detail as may be required. As a settlement agency, you can bridge the gap and help your clients get those calls they really need. It goes beyond writing the resume and understanding how to approach Canadian jobs; knowing how to use a Canadian Applicant Tracking System is a crucial component of getting a job in Canada.


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